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Reservation / Waiting list

Thank you for choosing Perladolls for your future forever kitten!
If you dont know were to start from and how to introduce your self, please use the following reservation form that will help you to get a step closer to the kitten of your dreams!
Since our policy is not to respond to emails that only ask for prices while not providing any info about the home our kittens are going to live, this reservation form is the best way to make sure that you are the right person at right place!
Please feel free to ask any additional information you need that is not provided by our website.


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Contact Phone numbers, Home and mobile if you have one
Your location
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If you are interested in one of our available kittens please select it from this list, otherwise please provide the characteristics you are interested in.
Select the mating you would like to enter the waiting list for.
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Step 3 of 3 My info

What are your thoughts on Cats and Human Babies? Are they fine to be together or should the cat be re-homed when a baby is coming?
Please tell us abit about yourself and the household your kitten will be going to, other pets and Children who they will share the house with. I would like to hear a comprehensive idea of yourself, home, lifestyle not just one or two lines please.
Fill in any other info you would like to share with us!
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