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Taking care of your ragdoll kitten

I encourage new owners of kittens to stay in touch with the breeder of the kitten it helps both the breeder and the buyer. The breeder needs to know how his breeding program is doing, and sometimes the breeder can help the owner solve a problem, and avoid a costly visit to the vet.

First of all you have to make to house cat friendly; cat friendly houses are similar to houses with small children.  

Avoid all toxic plants because cats are attracted to them.
 Find a list of toxic for cats plants here  

Store in safety box all medicines, and housecleaning products.  

Paperclips, plastic bags, small toys, anything that can choke your cat they should be storage safely.    

Make your balcony, yard, or garden a safe place for the cat, protect the balcony with plastic partitions, every year over 600.000 cats find tragic death or remain disabled, from fall over balcony, and over 900.000 cats escape from gardens and yards and never find their way back.


Make Your Shopping Checklist for Your Kitten


Litter & Litter Box

Cats like privacy and we like their litter to stay *in* the box, so a covered box keeps us all happy. We use the cheap walmart brand litter which runs about 3 bucks a bag. Remember, it's only there to catch poop, no need to get fancy with it. Don't forget a scoop!


After years of searching and changing food labels,raw food and recipes and having some serious troubles with a well known  cat food label, costing us the life of our precious Victoria,   at the moment we feed purrizon grain free , we are changing food labels from time to time and trying to find the best for our cats, my advice is to object how the cat responds with her cat food, is she eat happily or she doesnt like to touch her food, is her coat shiny and rich or is fade with combs, does her breath smells bad, is she having energy or she barely moves? Each cat responds differently in each food,please keep that in mind.

Scraching Post


Every cat needs a scratching post.... or you can let them claw your couch. Either way is fine with them, but if you're like us and care about your furniture, get them a tree.. As long as there is a tall perch and a sisal post they are quite happy. Try to have a tree at least 130cm tall , ragdolls are a big breed. 

Kittens love toys. Laser pointers are an interesting way to find out exactly how high your cat can jump (you'd be surprised). Small balls with bells or glitter are fun too. If you have only one cat you will need about 12-14 different toys that will renew every 2 months.


Stress Free Cats

All our kittens are highly socialized so it’s very easy to adjust to a new home with other pets. I do recommend not live your cat an entire life alone, when a cat is miserable and don’t want to be with other cats then I feel that the owner done something really wrong.

Please take a look at those articles, and remember 2 cats are happier than one. 

How to introduce a new kitten to your resident cat  

How to introduce a new adult cat to your resident cat 


Vet Checks

It is very important the annual health check  at your vet, also don’t skip vaccinations and don’t forget to deworm  and keep fleas free your cat  seasonally. See how you can deworm you cat here and how you apply spot on (video) here  
Last but not least, please avoid wearing to your cat collar with bell, cats are able to hear 50 times louder than humans and the bell will drive them crazy! 

 Have more questions? Text me!